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Flavour Booster

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An accessory for your Nutribaby Food Processor.
- To aromatise and vary baby's meals
- easy to use

  • Enables the flavours and spices to be spread over the baby food
  • 360° opening to make filing easy
  • stands making it possible to raise the height of the distributor to enable the steam to spread equally
  • very easy to stir with the Nutribaby spatula given its handle
  • Fits in the dish-washer

Nutribaby Zen with FREE FLAVOUR BOOSTER (A006200)

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Baby > Food Processor


The 1st food processor to do real cooking for baby!

  • 100% automatic and easy to manage with its LCD screen
  • 5 functions: warms baby's bottles and jars; sterilises; steams; defrosts and blends
  • To the minute adjustable cycle duration
  • 2 baskets to seperate the food groups and preserve the taste
  • Removable trays to adjust the cooking capacity
  • Sound and visual alarms
  • Automatic switch-off