TV LED 55" FHD Smart Slim Sinotec

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Smart Plus

Digital: DVB-T2

MHL/CEC/PVR Function

WiFi Built In

Digital Phone DS5014S

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Digital Phone DS5007S

  • Featuring 7 programmable keys with LEDs, 5 fixed function keys and a clear 2 line 48 character LCD display this is the perfect solution for your general office use



  • LCD


LCD Characters

  • LCD Characters


Fixed Function Key

  • Fixed Function Key


Navigation Wheel

  • Navigation Wheel


Programmable Key

  • Programmable Key


Soundbar Curved Premium Silver

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320 W 8.1 Ch Curved Soundbar HW-J7501

New Design 7" Wireless Active Subwoofer

8.1 Channel

Wireless Multiroom Compatible

The perfect complement for your curved TV

Delivering outstandingly immersive sound, the Curved Soundbar is the perfect audio companion for your Samsung Curved TV. It also boasts a premium design with an elegant aluminum metal finish that enhances the curved appeal of the Curved TVs. Drilling into walls is a thing of the past as the Curved Soundbar now mounts directly onto your TV thanks to a new mounting solution, providing a seamlessly integrated look for a beautiful union of devices.

Experience powerful sound

The 7500 Series has a seriously impressive speaker setup. Eight built-in speakers work together seamlessly to deliver a powerful, clear sound. The two side speakers at the end of the Soundbar are designed to broaden and increase the surround sound, giving you the best audio experience this equipment can offer.


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Designed for the busy stylist or barber

Professional Vibrator Clipper

Clipper Deluxe Chrome Pro Kit

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27-Piece Haircutting Kit

PowerDrive™ Cutting System easily cuts the thickest hair with 35% more power than standard Wahl clippers.

Comfort Grip™ clipper makes it easy to hold and cut at different angles.

Premium DuraChrome™ finish is extremely durable and always in style.

Self-sharpening, high-carbon steel blades are precision ground to stay sharp longer.

Includes compact trimmer to clean up necklines, touch-up sideburns and trim around ears.

Wireless Audio 360 Portable Multiroom Link

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360 omni-directional sound

Unlike conventional speakers that project sound in a single direction, the Wireless Audio – 360 fills the entire room with sound, thanks to Samsung’s Ring Radiator technology which disperses sound evenly in all directions.

Designed to blend with any interior (Cable-free)

The sleek, aerodynamic rounded design and variety of stylish finishes of the Wireless Audio – 360 seamlessly match with any home interior. The cable-free convenience of a built-in battery lets you take it anywhere in your home, even outside.

Enjoy all your streaming music more easily with Wi-Fi speakers

Wireless Audio Multiroom makes enjoying music easier, thanks to its Wi-Fi capabilities. Simply access the Multiroom App to experience the best of the internet’s subscription streaming music services*—all in top audio quality on Wi-Fi speakers.

New Multiroom App

Access music more simply with an easy setup* and the new intuitive UI of the Multiroom App. Features include touch wheel dial navigation for smooth song selection, direct play from the home screen upon launch, and fast switching between menus.


Multiroom Link*

Controlling and sharing one music source across multiple audio devices** in various locations is made easy with the Multiroom Link solution, thanks to Samsung’s Multiroom App. Remotely control the music on your TV, Soundbar, HES, BDP and more.***


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The device is a powerful, high-performance Fast Ethernet switch, with all 24 / 26 ports capable of 10 or 100Mbps auto-negotiation operation (N-Way) which means the switch could automatically negotiate with the connected partners on the network speed and duplex mode. It is ideal for micro-segmenting large networks into smaller, connected subnets for improved performance, enabling the bandwidth demanding multimedia and imaging applications.

Moreover, the 10/100Mbps auto-sensing ability provides an easy way to migrate 10Mbps to 100Mbps network with no pain. Compared to the shared 10Mbps or 100Mbps networks, the switch delivers a dedicated 10/100Mbps connection to every attached client with no bandwidth congestion issue. Store-and-forward switching mode promises the low latency plus eliminates all the network errors, including runt and CRC error packets.

To work under full-duplex mode, transmission and reception of the frames can occur simultaneously without causing collisions as well as double the network bandwidth. The switch is plug-n-play without any software to configure and also fully compliant with all kinds of network protocols. Moreover, the rich diagnostic LEDs on the front-panel provide the operating status of individual port and whole system.

HTS Blu Ray 3D Satelites Bluetooth

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For Smart Home Theatre, playing movies is only the beginning. Experience all your favourite smart content like web browsing, TV apps, games and more on a complete home theatre system. Samsung creates a room booming with entertainment, and puts you right at the centre.

Blu-Ray 3D UHD upscaling

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The Samsung Blu-ray Disc Player comes with the perfect modern design to complement your Samsung Smart TV. The two tone combination of a sleek and stylish black minimalistic body and dark titanium metallic finish will suit any environment, making it the ultimate video player for your home.

Mini Component System 230W 2.0 Ch

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With just a quick free downloadable application*, you can customise your party experience from your mobile. The app provides basic controls like power, volume, and custom EQ for every model. Change the colour of the speaker lighting from your phone on models from the J6500 series and up.