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Sony HD Desktop Video Conferencing System

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Crisp, clear HD video conferences
Make every conference more productive with clear, natural High Definition video images at up to 720p resolution. The integrated HD video camera above the main LCD screen assures crisply-detailed picture quality.

Widescreen LCD display
View other conference participants on the system’s integrated 21.6-inch LCD. With a generous 80 degree viewing angle, it’s equally suitable for use on individual desktops or in small meeting rooms with a number of participants. For extra flexibility, the LCD can also be used as a normal PC screen.

Superb audio quality
Conferences are more natural and lifelike with crisp, clear stereo sound. The built-in echo canceller makes speech even more natural-sounding and easier to follow.

Privacy when you need it
As an extra refinement, the integrated camera can be closed off by a privacy shutter if you don’t want others to see you when a call comes through.

Smooth, natural video and data presentations
Send video, voice and presentation data displayed on your PC to other videoconferencing participants. With support for industry standards (ITU-T H.239), presentation data can be sent at frame rates as high as 30fps for smooth, natural-looking presentations – even when you’re using animation effects or showing videos on your PC.

Kiosk mode
The PCS-XL55 is also ideal for services such as distance learning or remote consulting. Kiosk mode offers a simplified user interface for user-friendly ‘unattended’ operation that can be easily customised by system integrators.

Multi-point conferences made simple
Communicate with up to two other remote videoconferencing sites simultaneously (three sites in total), using either IP or ISDN network connections.

Stable, consistent conferencing
Enjoy stable transmission of video, voice and data with Enhanced Intelligent QoS™ (Quality of Service) Functions that ensure fast, consistent data throughput that adapts transmission to take account of changing network conditions.

Highly secure
Keep your business private, just the way it should be. Support for 128-bit AES encryption ensures safe, highly secure voice/video/data conferences with other compliant systems.

Easy usability with Video Annotation
Add an optional tablet/pen interface to sketch notes and highlight your point clearly on shared data presentations.

Fuss-free setup and operation
Enjoy simple operation and control with the attractive, intuitive on-screen interface.

One-touch Dialling
Enjoy the speed and convenience of one-touch dialling with the newly designed RF Remote Commander unit that does not have to be pointed directly towards the system. Just browse and select from the thumbnail image any of up to 1000 stored contacts: up to four regularly-accessed contacts can be shown on the home screen.

Light, stylish all-in-one design
The compact, integrated design of the PCS-XL55 makes an ideal complement for any boardroom, meeting room or training/learning suite. The light, all-in-one cabinet also allows easy transportation from room to room.