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They take your movie viewing experience to a whole new dimension.dramatically converting your everyday 2D picture into out-of-this-world 3D imagery. Both the battery-operated and rechargeable versions are designed to fit both adults and children comfortably – these lightweight


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Evolution Kit for 2012 LED ES7000 PDPE8000

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Timeless TV Performance and Content
With the Evolution Kit, you are guaranteed better entertainment. Upgrading to Smart Hub 2013 and get access to more content than you can imagine. From newer apps to music and photos, you will enter a world of entertainment like never before. Plus with its newer and more accessible layout, the Evolution Kit is the way to go and will keep your Smart TV up-to-date. * screen image picture is a representation and may not reflect actual user interface. * content, TV services and capabilities may not be available in all region and territories. * Evolution Kit may not support certain apps and functions previously installed or available on your TV.   Please check support menu for more details before installing Evolution Kit

Better features, better Smart TVs 
Upgrade your Samsung Smart TV to get more advanced and interactive capabilities with the Evolution Kit. Make your life easier and more enjoyable with the cutting-edge functions like voice control and gesture pose commands, along with two-hand motion control. So when you want to relax, and you can’t find the remote, all you need to say is "Hi TV" or wave your hand and your Smart TV will let you perform a variety of commands like change the channel and raise or lower the volume.

Boost processing speed of your Smart TV
Get a smoother, faster and powerful performance with the Evolution Kit, which will boost the processing speed of your Smart TV from Dual core to Quad core. You can also get faster access to Smart Hub and enhanced multi-tasking capabilities. Your Smart TV will be the most enjoyable device there is. * Evolution Kit, sold separately. * Evolution Kit improvement levels are limited to year of launch and application availability. * Actual performance may vary and subject to model specs and hardware limitations. * Evolution Kit pictured is a representation. Does not reflect actual appearance.

Samsung TV Skype Camera STC1100

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Enjoy the ultimate Skype experience with Smart TV
From the comfort of your own home, the STC1100 lets you participate in free, high-definition Skype™-to-Skype video calls. Simply connect the camera to your TV and it’s transformed into a high-performance, large-screen videophone, so your friends, family or business associates can see you in real time. Encoding at speeds of up to 720p, at 30 frames per second, the STC1100 provides groundbreaking video quality. And don’t worry about having to sit still in front of the lens – Auto Focus allows you to move, while retaining optimum image resolution. It’s the ultimate Skype experience on your Samsung Smart TV

Simple set-up, easy use, amazing viewing
Your STC1100 is as easy to use as it is on the eye. Its high-performance lens is housed in a pivoting neck that wraps around the top of your TV and easily adjusts so you can quickly establish the perfect shooting angle. No fewer than four integrated microphones, set up to detect sounds from couch distance, relay your every word. And you can forget about complicated installation too – the STC1100 has a magnet for attaching to your TV, and USB for easy connection. It’s entertainment and communication that’s hassle-free.

Super-thin design to match
Sublime, minimalist design complements the STC1100’s advanced features. At slightly more than half an inch thick, the super-discreet camera blends beautifully with even the thinnest Samsung TVs. Sitting gracefully along the top of your screen, it will appear at one with your TV screen while adding loads more functionality. So, experience more with Samsung’s slim design, which easily fits into any home and is ready to transform any space into an entertainment area.