Blade Competition #15 Med-Fine Wahl

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Electronics > Hair

Cutting Length 1.5 mm
Fits WAHL® KM2, KM5, KM10, Storm and Avalon.
Also compatible with most standard detachable blade animal clippers.

Blade for Balder

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Electronics > Hair
  • Super-close balding clipper blade thats close to the skin
  • Very fine bottom blade
  • Curved topblade prevents nicking the skin and cutting as close as possible


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Electronics > Hair
  • Blades are zero overlap which provide the tightest, closest cuts.
  • Great for facial shaving, beard trimming and touch ups.
  • High carbon steel blades are precision ground to stay sharp longer.


Kit includes: Clipper, Blade Guard, Handle Storage Case, 4 Guide Combs (1.5mm, 3mm, 4.5mm, 6mm), Left Ear Taper, Right Ear Taper, Barber Comb, Blade Oil, Cleaning Brush, Beard Brush, Instructions

Wahl Surgical Blade Set 1026-515

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Electronics > Hair

1026-515 Surgical; Cutting Length 0.4-1.0mm
200/300 Series, Colour Coded, Chromepro
Fits: 200 Series, 300 Series, Colour Coded, Chromepro, Clip n Trim, Powerdrive.

Surgical blade set for:
200 Series
300 Series
Colour Coded
Clip n Trim
Power Drive

Wahl Professional Taper Blade Set 1006-401

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Electronics > Hair

Professional Taper Blade.

Wahl Hair Clipper 9247-003

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Electronics > Hair

Wahl 8745-1016 Envoy Professional Cord/Cordless Clipper

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Electronics > Hair

Mains rechargeable professional clipper, works on and off the cord.
Ideal for all clipper work.
Powerful, lightweight professional styling tool.
Rust resistant, high precision snap on/off, chrome plated blades.
Up to 50 minutes cordless use on one full charge.
Dual voltage for worldwide use.

Wahl 8256-025 Pro Basic Clipper

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Electronics > Hair

Strong cord clippers
Knife type 1
Comb type 1
Ideally suited for the novice professional
cutting length 0.9 - 3mm

Wahl Afro 5 Star Series Balding Clipper

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Electronics > Hair

Afro balding work and skin tight clipping

Professional mains operated clipper from Wahl's Afro 5 Star Series.

Power: 10W
Voltage: 110/230V
Cutting Length: 0.6mm
Motor: AC Motor
Certification: CE Approved