Neoglow Earphones

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Glow to the sound of your favourite beats with a pair of Neoglow Earphones. They're bright blue earphones that use EL (electroluminescence) and sound reactive technology to illuminate in time to your favourite tracks!


  • Electroluminescent wire
  • Sound reactive
  • Micro USB cable included
  • Built in Microphone
  • Compatible with most Smartphones and MP3/4 devices

    Waterproof Aqua Mood Light

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    Novelty > Gadgets > Lights/LED

    Create ambience with this colour-changing waterproof LED light: let it shine out from flower vases, water features or even your bathtub!

    Set the stage for an ambient evening at your next soiree – place the remote controlled aqua mood light into a vase, pond or water feature to enhance your space with soft decorative hues. Set the light to gentle colour fade rotation, jump between the tones or select one solid colour.

    The Aqua Mood Light comes with a remote control so you can set the mood at the touch of a button.


    • Waterproof LED lights
    • 13 colour tones
    • 3 settings: fixed colour, colour merge through sequence, instant colour change
    • Remote control (1 x CR2025 battery included)
    • Requires 3 x AAA batteries (not included)


    • 41x41x29.5cm

    The White Light Liquid Lamp

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    Novelty > Gadgets > Lights/LED

    The super stylish ‘White’ Light Liquid Lamp looks über cool in any room. As a white piece of objet d’art it will compliment any colour scheme and makes an ideal gift for a friend, loved one or, even better, for yourself!


    • Stylish
    • Compliments any colour scheme
    • Great gift

    LED Gloves with 6 Light Settings

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    Novelty > Gadgets > Lights/LED

    As iconic looks go, Michael Jackson's white glove is up there with James Dean's leather jacket and Marilyn Monroe's billowy frock, but we think we've taken it to the next level with these funky light-up gloves. Discreetly fitted with multicoloured, super-bright LED lights in each fingertip, they're a must-have on any disco-infused dance floor. You'll be throwing shapes like never before!

    Fitted with six different light settings, you can choose between a pulsating strobe flash, a phasing mode and a range of different colour combinations - red, blue, green or a multicoloured mix of the three. Simply turn on the hidden switch in the wristband to activate the gloves, choose your setting and get your groove on.


    • Batteries fitted (2 x CR2032 included)
    • Discreet control switch in the wristbands
    • One size fits all
    • Very comfortable to wear
    • Series of light settings available: strobe mode, phasing mode, multicolour and single colour mode
    • Batteries last approx 10hrs with lights flashing and 20hrs with static colour

    LED Message Badge (Blue)

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    Novelty > Gadgets > Lights/LED

    Wearing a scrolling badge is the best way to identify or express yourself to other individuals. Really make an impression and be recognised for your uniqueness. They look really cool in the dark and great for nights out with funny messages.This customizable name badge with scrolling LED message will definitely make you stand out. It is completely programmable to say want, when you want. Perfect for portable personal advertising.

    Trying to get your point across at a trade show and need to be different from your competitors? Get a programmable Scrolling Badge that can scroll your message to your customers. Why have the boring old name tag, get the Scrolling Badge that can may you standout in a crowd.

    These Badges are the most advanced digital name badges available.

    FAQ: Why are blue LED's more expensive than Red LEDS  Answer: In most electronics such as TV's and videos you will find red LED's therefore there is more production of Red LED's than Blue LED's and hence the price difference.


    • 256 characters per message
    • Onboard Speed Adjustment
    • All functions can be programmed without a computer using the onboard programming buttons
    • Easy functional keys - very user-friendly.
    • Can easily change messages at a touch of a button.
    • Badge dimensions: 3-3/4' by 2-1/8'
    • Magnetic holder will not tear clothes