CASDON Toy Kenwood Titanium Mixer

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Little ones adore role play and pretending that they are doing jobs around the house just like the grown-ups! This Kenwood Mixer has been specially designed to be true to life, right down to the last detail so your little cook will really feel part of your world while developing essential life skills. 

Realistic role play for exploring imagination and developing social skills 
Real cooking functions for added realism and sense of achievement 
True-to-life, replica toy for visual stimulation 
Play encourages the development of hand-to-eye co-ordination 
Button to turn to activate, for understanding cause and effect 
Accessories and pop up arm to develop problem solving and motor skills 
Different features encourage exploration and discovery

Samurai Kitchen Knives

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The ultimate kitchen accessory for the cultural cook! These fully functional kitchen knives look like genuine Japanese artefacts displayed in your kitchen on their very own stand, until you pull out the chef’s knife and lay waste to the joint of beef that needs slicing! Prepare to slice your food the Samurai way! The set contains 1 chef’s knife, 1 bread knife, 1 utility knife and 1 paring knife.


  • Look like actual Japanese artefacts
  • 4 Piece set

LochNess Salt-Pepper-Oil Set

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There will be no denying the existence of this designer table set! In fact it will take centre stage (literally) at all your dinner parties. House-proud but boasting some quirky flair, the ceramic condiment set is made to look like a certain famous monster, but emerging instead from the depths of your dining table. The LochNess table set includes an oil pourer and salt & pepper shakers, each with a silicone stopper for easy refill.


  • Condiment set made to look like the Loch Ness monster
  • Includes: oil pourer; salt & pepper shakers
  • Material: ceramic
  • Silicone stoppers for easy refill

Bad Mother F*cker Wallet

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Are you badass enough to have a wallet that has “Bad Mother F*cker” etched onto it. Of course you are! Own an original replica from the cult classic movie: Pulp Fiction. Extra points if you can name the CHARACTER pictured below from the movie? You da man! You know it, everyone else knows it... but just in case they don't, show them who's in charge with this boldly embossed high quality leather 'Bad Mother F#%ker' wallet!

Jules Winnfield - Samuel L. Jackson's character in Tarantino's cult movie Pulp Fiction - is not a man to be messed with! And if you were any doubt about his badass credentials, a quick look at his choice of wallet will set you straight - yes, he carries a top quality brown leather wallet impressed with the words ‘Bad Mother F#%er' just like this one!

If any item was going to be labelled a must-have, surely it's this - a stylishly practical wallet that offers a nod to one of the coolest movie characters of all time. Unlike many low quality imitations out (think manmade fibres and prone-to-fading printed lettering), our genuine leather version is clearly ‘etched' with the words ‘Bad Mother F#%er' so you can be certain that, just like a fine wine, it'll keep getting better with age!

Featuring one window pocket for your driver's license, four pockets for credit cards, and a place to stash your cash, this wallet makes a great gift for the baddest mofo in your life!


  • 100% genuine leather wallet in brown
  • Wording is impressed into the leather rather than printed to prevent fading over time
  • Replica of Jules Winnfield's wallet in Tarantino's cult movie, Pulp Fiction
  • 1 x window pocket, 4 x credit card pockets, divided banknote pocket
  • Packaging & Contents: Coloured cardboard presentation box / 1 x leather 'Bad Mother F#%er' wallet

Suprise Mug - I'm A Twat

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At first glance, this handsome but ordinary-looking mug doesn't exactly stand out from the crowd… but as soon as anyone raises it to their lips to take a drink, the cheeky message printed on the base will clearly be revealed! *Cue much sniggering at the unsuspecting victim's expense!*

Thanks to this novelty 'I'm a Twat' Surprise Mug, office pranks have never been so easy to play - you even get to make your target a lovely cuppa in the process so he or she won't suspect a thing! As everyone except the drinker will be able to read the bold message on the base of the mug, consider this the updated, slightly more sophisticated version of sticking a 'Kick Me!' sign to your mate's back!

Poke fun at a particular colleague or friend, or leave the mug in the cupboard and let fate decide which unsuspecting tea drinker gets an insult with his or her hot beverage! Will you be able to stop yourself from giggling at them? Half the fun is not letting on!

# Twitter Mug

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Addicted to Twitter? Now even your morning cup of tea will be trending... as you drink out of your # Mug!

Trying to keep worldly observations to condensed spurts of 140 characters? Even the most dedicated twitter devotee needs to make time for their caffeine fix. Complete with hash tag handle, this mug is a gentle reminder to get back online for the latest updates.

Alternately, try dragging yourself away from your computer long enough to have a good old fashioned gossip offline with your friends over a cup of coffee. It’s a drastic idea, but you just might like it.


  • Do not use in dishwasher
  • Unique hash tag handle
  • Microwave safe
  • Social media inspired mug

Golf Ball Finder Glasses

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Save hours looking for your wayward golf balls with these specially tinted glasses. Aside from looking about as hip as you can get, these glasses actually serve a very useful purpose! You've finally made time for a round of golf...... but your balls keep disappearing off-piste and your stocks are running low. Don the glasses and let the special blue lenses work to illuminate everything white - including those errant long-shots. Not even the sneakiest golf balls will be able to hide away in the grass with these funky frames on the loose. Save enough time and money by retrieving all your lost balls to go another 18-holer.


  • Special Blue Lens
  • Illuminates your white golf ball
  • Stylish

Fridgebook Fridge Magnets

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Can't get enough of your favourite social networking site? With these replica magnets you can recreate your homepage on your fridge and update your status whenever you reach for the milk!

Featuring a series of wipe-clean magnets – think ‘Status’, ‘Comment’, ‘Wall Posts’ and more – as well as a white board pen, this comprehensive fridge magnet set acts as the analogue version of your digital homepage! Use the ‘Friends’ magnet to hold up pictures of your nearest and dearest, use the ‘Like’ and ‘Dislike’ magnets to stick up your favourite takeaway menu or an overdue bill, or scrawl on the ‘Notes’ magnet to leave a message for your other half. The ‘Status’ magnet, meanwhile, is a great way to let your fellow housemates or family members know exactly which side you’ve gotten out of bed without saying a word!

Facebook fridge magnets

Designed to look just like a social networking homepage, these magnets are a fun and stylish way to turn your old-school fridge into a digital-style hub of information!


  • Wipe-clean fridge magnets designed to look like a social networking homepage
  • Wipe-clean white board pen included
  • Magnet set includes: My Profile, Status, Comment x 2, Friends, Photos, Events, Notes, LikeDislike, Wall Posts x 2
  • Recreate your favourite social networking homepage on your fridge!

Emergency Toilet Roll

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How many times can you re-use a square of toilet paper? Not enough. So in times of crisis just break open your Emergency Toilet Roll, then sit back and relax.

No one enjoys being caught short, and no one enjoys having to do the bathroom walk of shame. But there is no need to risk this kind of humiliating degradation, instead install one of Spinning Hat’s Emergency Toilet Rolls in your bathroom. Hang your Emergency Toilet Roll in a convenient access point, within arms reach of your toilet seat, and break open the window in case of emergency.

This Is You Mug

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From the FIZZ Mugs Range. A selection of funny 10oz mugs, ideal for any occasion including Birthdays, Secret Santa and many others.


  • Great gift
  • 10 oz mug