Cyber Vizor Glasses

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Light up the night with the Cyber Vizor! A stylish new night time fashion accessory. Step into the future and make a unique fashion statement with these Cyber Vizors that feature downlighting blue LEDs, that light up your eyes and the lens. Futuristically designed, these glasses are integrated with bright LED lights which makes the entire lens illuminate when switched on. Makes a great accessory to wear at parties, festivals and nightclubs. These are the one accessory you need to complete a lumo-party outfit.


  • Cyber Vizor
  • Made with Plastic
  • C23032 Lithium Battery
  • Blue LED lights.
  • ON/Off switch on hinges.

Finger Candle Set (5 pack)

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Designed to look just like fingers, these creepy candles make the perfect addition to a spooky cake!

Modelled on a real human hand, the four fingers and one thumb in this five-piece candle set make it seem like a realistic hand is reaching out from the depths of your Victoria sponge! Perfect for Halloween parties or just adding a touch of the macabre to your frosted French fancies…

Or, if you really want to give the kids a fright, why not skip the cake and arrange the Finger Candles in the back garden instead? Nestled into some upturned earth, they’ll make it look like a zombie is on the loose or a blood-sucking vampire is waking up from a snooze under the soil!


  • Wax candles designed to look like realistic human fingers
  • 5 candles per pack (4 fingers and 1 thumb create the look of a full hand)
  • An easy way to give your cakes a spooky twist
  • Perfect for Halloween parties or just to give the kids a fright!

Ice Cream Door Stop

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Keep your door open and send clean freaks crazy in one fell swoop with this dropped ice cream door stop.

So realistic you really do want to just touch it to see if it's still cold!

The ‘vanilla ice cream' topped cone is made of durable plastic and will hold fast to any hard, smooth surface - perfect for propping open your doors.

This eccentric stopper draws attention to a thoroughly useful but often ignored household item - a guaranteed conversation starter!

Fotomatic Photo Sleeve Wallet

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Carry your treasured memories with you. Slip photos into the clear old-school pockets of this wallet to create an on-trend accessory or inspired gift.

Like instant photos, this classic retro-style wallet will never go out of fashion! Fill the pockets with images from your childhood or use a smartphone app to make vintage-looking prints.

The beautifully finished slide-box helps make this the perfect gift for nostalgic photographers.


  • Instant photo wallet
  • Personalise it with images of your choice
  • Retro camera design slide-box
  • 8 card slots (1 photo card slot)