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Horse Head Pillow Case

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Here’s an offer you can't refuse. Buy this pillow case… or else!

Relive the classic Godfather moment every morning when you wake up with your head on this dramatic pillow case.

The perfect gift for fans of the cult classic movie, this pillow cover is not for the faint hearted but will certainly get your message across.


  •  Novelty pillow cover
  • Original gift idea
  • Smooth cotton/poly blend

Novelty Gay Bar Soap

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What would you prefer; a fight club or a gay bar? Well, whatever your preference, we’re sure you’ll love our kitsch, camp, queen of the bathroom – Gay Bar (of soap).

Straight, gay, bi-sexual, transsexual, metrosexual, or just downright sexual – everyone is welcomed with (clean and perfumed) open arms at our Gay Bar. Just like at the YMCA, “you can get yourself cleaned, you can have a good meal, you can do whatever you feel” Well we can help out with the cleaning bit, but you will have to sort out your own meal I am afraid.

So, indulge yourself in our wonderfully fragrant rose scented lather, forget about your worries, rest your weary feet, and treat yourself to a bit of Gay Bar goodness.

Warning: Not suitable for people uncomfortable with their sexuality


Comic Strip Photo Frame

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Comic strip photo frame

What do Superman, Batman and your drunk friends all have in common? They’re all in comics! Relive the highlights of classic nights out with our action-packed Comic Strip Photo Frame. Just add wild pictures and some humour to create a personalised comic page for you and your friends to enjoy.

Each frame comes with a selection of speech bubble stickers and a pen so you can capture the witty banter again and again. It’s the collector's print of your life framed in a clever cartoon strip for all to enjoy. Let your inner comedian wild as you pepper witty comments and commentary over the marvelous achievements and/or sloppy mishaps of friends and family.

Pow, Boom, Ka-pow! Get yours signed by someone special or stash it in your parents’ attic for a couple of years to see if it increases in value! Trade them with your friends or over-charge complete strangers on eBay! Maybe one day, Hollywood will adapt your comic into a blockbuster movie. Maybe they won’t; it doesn’t matter because you and your friends are stars of your very own comic! Woo hoo.

Package Includes:

  • Comic Photo Frame
  • Comic Book Speech Bubble Stickers
  • A Marker Pen


Photo Frame, Comic Frame, Comic Photo Frame, Comic Strip Frame

LeafKeepers™ Cable Ties (12 pack)

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Leaf Keepers Cable Ties take on the technical jungle! Keep that mess of cluttered wires and cables pulled together into a nice single branch. The Leaf Keepers Cable Ties have small green leaves on each one that give it a more natural look.

LightBites™ Candle Forks

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they’re candles with handles

Light Bites are durable, reusable plastic forks with a special talent – they can hold candles! Stick them right into your cake and you’re good to go. We even included the candles! 12 forks and candles in each peggable giftbox.

Fill 'Er Up Gas Tank Bank

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When I was a kid, my mom would constantly remind me to stop spending it all on candy or dolls and save it up for a rainy day. I didn’t really get the whole concept of saving versus spending, and I think it was all because of the delayed gratification thing. But something that could actually make saving up a bit more fun is the Fill ‘Er Up Gas Tank Coin Bank.

Each coin you drop into the Fill ‘Er Up Gas Tank Coin Bank slowly makes the gauge move from E to F. It shows kids that every penny or nickel matters. And of course, if you’re an adult, it just makes saving up some loose change a bit more fun.

The economy may be tanking, but you don’t have to. Drop a few coins in your Fill ‘er Up Bank & watch the gauge inch its way upward towards the F.

Before you know it, you’ll have a full tank of coins. The Fill ‘er Up Coin Bank is perfect for the around the car or as an excellent dashboard accoutrement so coins don’t fall into cracks between the seats.

The Daily Mood Flipchart

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fair warning for your co-workers

Some days the office is like a tea party, other days it’s a lions’ den. That’s why The Daily Mood is a crucial desk-top accessory! It spells out everyone’s demeanor in no uncertain terms. There are 47 moods to choose from, each with its own smiley along with a snarky definition, fascinating facts, and sample sentences. It’s lo-tech “social networking” fun. Individual peggable giftboxes.

70s Retro Phone Handset

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Get the attention you deserve.... by using this giant 70s handset with your mobile.

Although designed to be a novelty gadget, the handset is actually surprisingly functional!

Whether you’re worried about the suspected radiation emitted from your phone, miss talking on a good old-fashioned handset or are just an attention seeker looking to get some more glances on the street, the Retro Phone Handset will have massive appeal!

Give it a try - you'll probably never go back to being boringly discreet.


  •  Giant 70s handset
  • Works on mobiles compatible with a 3.5mm jack (audio out + microphone)
  • Use your phone’s buttons as normal to make/receive calls
  • Does not include iPhone

USB PC Prankster

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Take over a computer with this joke USB device.

Simply plug the USB Prankster into your victim's computer and it'll take over and make random mouse movements, turns caps lock on and off, type out random garbage text and phrases and generally be super annoying.

Handily, the Prankster features a time delay setting, so that after installing it, you can make your getaway safely before it starts misbehaving.

The Prankster is highly annoying, but it'll never activate the 'enter' key or close or save documents, so it's mostly mischievous, not super-dangerous. However, it probably shouldn't be used on computers that control nuclear reactors, security systems for genetically recreated dinosaur parks and/or zombie experimentation units, captured alien spacecraft or freezers packed with delicious ice cream.


  • Looks like a USB Flash Drive
  • Takes over victim's computer by typing gibberish and controlling mouse.
  • Time delay

IC Circuit Chip Hair Comb

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Get points for creative personal grooming with this Information Chip Comb. Keep it in your handbag or pocket to keep tidy on the go.

Great gift for the geek in your life!


  • Information Chip Comb
  • Great geeky gift